what do you mean i'm not a knight?

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It is funny, I am sitting at my desk, doing math for measurements for the armor I am drafting up and I just keep thinking about jousting. 

A year and a half ago I was working with Horses every day and learning to Joust with my group House DuChasse. Sadly, our leader, wanted to pull out of he Medieval hobby due to healthy reasons. (His spine was fusing solid.) 
House DuChasse kind of split up and I strictly spent my time from then on doing ground combat, more specifically heavy armored combat. At times I do get the itch to go for a random tilt but I do not own a horse and sadly don’t have the time it would require to tend to one. 

I am tempted to make a Quintain and tilting cart for our group’s events.  

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The Mountain’s Armor

So to those who care. I’m making even more armor. Currently I am making functional armor for my full contact steel weapons fighting group. The armor I am making now, is inspired by the Mountain, Ser Gregeor Clegane from Game of Thrones series. (Yes, the show as his armor in the books was loosely described and since I am basing it off the show’s armor, I cannot say I am basing it off A Song of Ice and Fire.)

Right now I have all the steel I should need as well as the rings I will need to join most of the steel. My rivets are on the way to me, I was too lazy to make my own rivets by hand this time. I am also waiting on the leather I will need. Right now I am getting the measurements done and making cardboard templates for the steel sheets before I start making cuts. 

Out of all the armor I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, I think this will be the most fun.

I will be posting pictures each time I work on it. So, today here is the Inspiration pictures as well, later, I will make my first post with the materials I am using. 

(pic credit) http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/style-blog/wp/2014/06/02/game-of-thrones-recap-the-mountain-and-the-viper-and-a-sight-we-wont-soon-forget/ 

(Pic Credit) http://www.reddit.com/r/gameofthrones/comments/1lqeyo/no_spoilers_ser_gregor_clegane_the_mountain_that/ 

(Pic Credit) http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/72179/20140105/game-thrones-season-4-spoilers-photos.htm

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I got fucking robbed.

Today I got home from work to find my house was being robbed.

I pulled into my driveway to see a fat black guy with an affro walking along the side of my house with my black military backpack on. I quickly get out of the car and tell him to stop and ask him what the fuck is he doing. There is a shout to my right of “run!”. The black guy takes off and I chased his ass down while calling the police. I caught up to the fat bastard and he returned the backpack he had on to me. I walk off describing the guy to the dispatcher and return to my house to see the cops have arrived. I describe to them what I saw and within minutes they take me to ID the fat bastard. They have not caught the other guy yet, but I can’t see his fat friend taking the fall. 

They stole a collection of knives I have, my two black powder pistols, and my Alienware Laptop. 

The packpack that I got from the fat bastard had my knives, but my pistoles and Laptop are in my other backpack. 

I spent the next hour or so talking with the police and jokeing as they took finger prints of my window where they entered and took pictures of where they stole my belongings from. 

Fucked up day.

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→ Swordfighting, As You See It In The Movies, Is A Lie

Been saying this for years to those who know me. What you see in Video games, movies, table top games and in Roleplaying is all wrong! Great read!

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→ The World Is At Our Feet

You are not alone

The world is so big

Your thought was wrong

There is so many places

where you can be

with me


Lay down

Now sleep

Don’t be so depressed

I’ll help

The world is only

a test

You’ll be the one

The one

The one

The ONE.

The world

The world is at our feat!!!

Your not alone!

Stay with me

Accept that you can

protect the world

from bad

from sombody who wants to

kill you

You’ll be the one

who will repel

you’ll be the one

who will diserve

you’ll be the one

who will begin!

The world is at our Feat!!!!

You’re not Alone!!!

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Reblog if you’re a Slytherin


Slytherin will help you on your way to greatness.

Just taking attendance!

Gryffindor click here

Ravenclaw x

Hufflepuff x

Hell, I’ve fired a medieval Arquebus while in a Slytherin Costume. 

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Haethon traitors, the Thoughts of Rossenieth

Rossenieth The Draenei Paladin of the Hand of Argus and his lamentations. 

For years I have shed my blood for this house. For years I have called them my children and given them guidance. It was I who always asked for a hug, who always gave everything I could for them. One of the first days I was in the House, I gave the funeral rights to Reshuv’s fallen brother. I have helped this house, time and time again. I was even promoted and given title in this house after I won the Tournie of Northrend in their honor. Now, like the Orcs on Draenor, they turn their backs on us and betray our trust. 

I warned them, what was going to pass was an abomination. What they spoke of was blasphemy! I swore I would give the last rights to Reshuv and pray for his soul to pass into the Light’s love. Now… He is a demon, he is what cannot be saved. His path is one of damnation and the House defended him when I said strike him down. NOW they sit with a great ENEMY! Lady Mirianda Haethon, I once called her my child, and I loved her family as if they were all my children… But now I see them for what they truly are… They protect demons, they let evil take root in their house… 

This house may now call me ENEMY! I will strike down the Demon Reshuv with one hand, with the other I shall strike down House Haethon. Traitors, much like the orcs were traitors to us on Draenor. Tricked by demons they were, just as Haethon is now clouded in a demon’s veil. 

They must be saved. They must be cleansed, they must be purged. They have shown they cannot learn. I will not see this taint spread to the rest of the Alliance. 

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